About us


The Israeli Insurtech Accelerator – located in one of the world-capitals of Insurtech technology: Tel Aviv city.
Our acceleration program provides Israeli start-ups with an excellent platform for their big leap forward, especially when the foundations of their organization are based in Israel, while targeting customers all over the world. Our accelerator’s exclusive partners help us introduce local start-ups to leading players and investors in the world of insurance. Our accelerator is destined to meet the needs of local businesses that target the international market. BTV, the international mentors’ team & InsurTech Israel will help your start-up grow and develop, and eventually help your technology reach relevant international markets.

About the accelerator programs

The Israeli Insurtech Accelerator is focused on helping Insurtech start-ups and companies who wish to be a part of this industry. The chosen start-ups and companies will take part in a unique 10-week customized program to introduce their organization to leading figures in the world of insurance and Insurtech – from TLV city to the largest markets in the world. The Global Insurance Accelerator is a mentor-driven business accelerator designed to foster innovation in the insurance industry by supporting start-ups targeting the global insurance industry.

The IIA start-ups create tools to support the insurance community. We provide guidance and networking, working alongside our global team of mentors, with firm support from our notable partners, Brokertech Venture, InsurTech Israel and a wide range of partner-brokers.  

About our partners 

InsurTech Israel is a boutique consultancy dedicated to engendering innovation in the insurance industry. Immersed in the flourishing ecosystem that is Tel Aviv, Israel, with extensive network and deep industry knowledge and detailed understanding of the insurtech world are just some of the tools we employ when connecting global insurers with dynamic and game-changing startups.

BrokerTech Ventures has brought together 13 super-regional brokerage firms, amassing more than $2 billion in collective agency distribution. They have attracted 12 broker-centric startups and pool of talented entrepreneurs, and deployed Accelerator and Mentoring network. BrokerTech Ventures is actively building out Carrier engagement, as well as strategic partnerships within the InsurTech and Media & Communications channels.